Computer Accessories

We offer a wide range of computer media including CD-RDVD-RData Cartridges and USB Drives. CD-R/CD-RW’s are able to store 700Mb of data and a DVD-R/DVD-RW are able to store 4.7Gb of data. The difference between R and RW is that R denotes that the disc is writable but you will only be able to add data to it once where as a RW to rewritable, this you may over write multiply times. DVD-R is the preferred method of archiving your data.

USB memory sticks are perfect for swapping file between different computers, they can be reused and unlimited number of times and require no batteries or charging. They are made in various sizes ranging from 256Mb (perfect for word documents) right up to 32Gb (suitable for a vast number of photos, videos and mp3’s).