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Casio fx-83GT X Classwiz Scientific Calculator Light Blue

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Product Brand: Casio
Product Code: fx-83GT X
Product Condition: New
Brand: Casio
MPN: fx-83GT X
EAN: 4549526607820
Model: Scientific Calculator
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Casio fx-83GT X Classwiz Scientific Calculator Light Blue.

The fx-83GTX takes the UK's Number One Scientific Calculator a step further, by offering additional features such as clearer display, clearer menus, faster processor and 14 additional functions (for a total of 276 functions).

Allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used. Recommended and approved for Key Stages 3 & 4 (including GCSE, National and Higher, Junior and Leaving). The large Natural Textbook Display (Natural-V.P.A.M.) shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbooks which increases comprehension because results are easier to understand.

  • 9 Variable Memories
Basic Functions
  • Trigonometric / Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
  • Exponential / Logarithmic
  • Power Functions
  • Fraction Calculations
  • Sexagesimal Functions
  • Coordinate Conversion (Polar / Rectangular)
  • Calculation with √ / π symbol including simplifying radicals
  • Prime Factorisation
  • Recurring Decimal
  • Table Function
  • Ratio Calculation
  • Absolute Value
  • Permutation / Combination
  • Random Integer
  • Statistical Calculations (Mean, Standard Deviation and Quartiles)
  • Regression

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