Celebrating 120 Years of Noris!

Join us in wishing STAEDTLER’s Noris pencil a happy 120th birthday! This year marks 120 years since the famous yellow and black pencils name was officially trademarked on 10th September 1901.

Below we listed some fun and interesting facts regarding the Noris brand that Staedtler has shared as part of its birthday celebrations. 

What’s in a name!

The brand shares its name with its home city of Nuremberg, which in the 17th century was nicknamed Noris. Nuremberg and the castle are often used to decorate or advertise products from the Noris range.

It’s all in the look!

While many Noris products are decorated in yellow and black stripes, some are a little more colourful, such as Noris colour, Noris eco and Noris junior, which all wear the same striped pattern but in different colours. There are also a few unicolour and multicoloured products in the range.

Changing with the times!

The Noris brand didn’t get its iconic black and yellow look until 1955 with the Noris 120 pencil. One of its predecessors did have a similar look: in 1934 there was the Noris 1100, it was a yellow/orange colour with a dark brown stripe.

On the shoulders of giants!

In 1989, a giant Noris pencil was erected for the occasion of the 7th International Cartoon-Salon.

Reaching for the sky!

In 2015, Noris colour made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest coloured pencil in the world. It was 459.97m long.

A King is Crowned!

The colourful caps with crowns at the shaft end of the Noris 120 pencils isn’t just decorative, the different colours represent the hardness of the pencil.

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